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Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest Autumn- Starting on October 15th 2019 until January 15th 2020

From Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub together with its data partners, the Copernicus EU Earth Observation programme and the European Space Agency, are looking for new and innovative ideas and scripts to allow all people to browse, analyse and visualise satellite data in almost real-time.

This is a follow up to the similar contest in Spring 2019 which motivated the repeat of the contest.

Starting on October 15th 2019 until January 15th 2020 you can hand in up to three different scripts for the Sentinel Hub EO Browser. All the entries will be judged by a jury of experts on functionality and usefulness, as well as possible commercial potential. The authors of the best three scripts will win attractive prizes…


All the submitted scripts will compete under one common category as we want the Contest to be completely open. Many scripts could run in different categories anyway, so it is just fair to compare them to all scripts handed in.

Important Requirements

  • Scripts applicability
  • False detection problems (if any)
  • Detailed description of how the script works
  • Representative cases / images with details
  • Visualization in EO Browser or with multi-temporal instance of Sentinel Playground (a link to a working script)
  • References
  • Credits – In case your script is based on other people’’s work make sure to include the necessary citations and links to relevant papers.

How to create a script?

If you need some help and instructions on how to get started with custom scripting for the EO Browser Sentinel Hub have also curated a list as follows that can help you get started:

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Attractive Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First prize: 1.000 EUR and 1-year Enterprise Sentinel Hub account (worth 5.000 EUR)
  • Second prize: 300 EUR and 1-year Individual Commercial Sentinel Hub account (worth 1.000 EUR)
  • Third prize: 1-year Individual Commercial Sentinel Hub account (worth 1.000 EUR)

All winners will also get an opportunity to highlight their winning scripts in the Sentinel Hub blog.

How to participate?

  1. All scripts must run within the Sentinel Hub EO Browser or with multi-temporal instance of Sentinel Playground.
  2. All scripts have to be handed in as text files until January 15th 2020 (23:59 CET).
  3. Together with the script, you have to hand in a proper description on what your script can be used for and explain how it is achieving that.
  4. By handing in a script you confirm to be the sole author(s) of the script and to have the necessary rights to do so.
  5. Every single participant or group can hand in up to three scripts.
  6. All entries must be licensed under the Creative Commons BY license, so they can be added to the custom scripts repository and be used freely by all.

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