GeoPortals and Spatial Data Infrastructure software

Building Geoportals or a spatial data infrastructure might be on your to-do list or probably you’ve already done it. Many organizations out there are building portals to manage their work or their interaction with their clients in different places in the world. Building  a Geoportal from scratch can be a very tedious job and might take ages to complete. Having this in mind, I have sampled 4 software mainly used for the deployment of geoportals and SDIs.


GeoNode is one of the available software for developing a spatial data infrastructure(SDI). GeoNode is an open service built on Open Source Software. It’s built on open standards and is OGC compliant. GeoNode incorporates quite a number of projects, popular ones in the web mapping realm such as GeoServer, GeoExt, OpenLayers and GeoWebCache.

GeoNode uses the Django web framework to build the user interface and make it possible to extend it’s functionality through Django apps.
A demo on GeoNode is available on their main website. Access it at the GeoNode Demo page . You can also check through the GeoNode Gallery to browse some examples of deployed instances of GeoNode.

Install and configure GeoNode on your systems using this Guide

GeoPortal Server

GeoPortal Server is a free, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including datasets, rasters, and Web services. It helps organizations manage and publish metadata for their geospatial resources to let users discover and connect to those resources. The Geoportal Server supports standards-based clearinghouse and metadata discovery applications – ESRI
GeoPortal Server is feature-rich and provides a lot of functionality out of the box. It allows add-ons to extend functionality and allow interoperability . Other interesting features include data publishing directly from the ArcGIS Desktop and latest versions of ESRI products.
More information on the GeoPortal Server is found on the GeoPortal Overview

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geOrchestra is a free and modular software built for SDIs and it’s code can be found on this Github Repo.
geOrchestra is a software built in collaboration between government and local authorities/agencies and is intended for users from all the fields in the industry. Like in the GeoNode software, geOrchestra is built on a number of projects such as GeoWebCache, GeoServer and GeoNetwork. These projects are important to extend the functionality in geOrchestra.
As highlighted on the official geOrchestra website, geOrchestra was built to meet the INSPIRE  directive in the Europe.

easySDI is a complete web based platform used to deploy Geoportals.  easySDI is built on the Joomla framework and can be installed by just using an installer. Just as the other software for use in SDI development, easySDI features a server and a client structure. It also uses the open source projects(GeoServer, GeoNetwork, MapFish e.t.c)
Information about easySDI can be found on the easySDI offiial site
Find deployed Geoportals using easySDI at the References Showcase

These are just four(4) systems used in the Geospatial industry. There exist quite a number of such software today. Have you used a software that’s not captured here?Let’s know in the comments section.

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